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Natural Dog FoodThere are many myths that exist about natural dog food, which may be why you have your hesitations about switching your dog to a completely raw diet. Here are some of the most common myths we hear at Animush Raw Pet Food and why they aren’t true.

Myth #1: Raw Diets are Unbalanced 

Many people think that natural dog food diets are unbalanced, since they only contain meat. However, you need to remember that since dogs are carnivores, their bodies are designed to thrive on raw food alone, and they can get all of the nutrients they need from raw food. Plus, since raw food is easier for your dog to digest, they will get more of the nutrients they need. 

Myth #2: Feeding Your Dog Raw Food is Expensive 

We make feeding your dog natural dog food on a regular basis an inexpensive process. Although we do use quality ingredients, we do not include any unnecessary fillers or use fancy packaging that would elevate our prices. 

Myth #3: Raw Diets are Dangerous 

Whenever you deal with raw meat, the risk of salmonella is there. However, this does not mean you are more likely to get salmonella when you feed your dog a raw diet. Just make sure you handle your dog’s raw food properly and that you wash your hands before you prepare it for your dog and after you give it to them.