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Dog Nutrition, Orillia, ON

Our raw dog food options give your pet the best nutrition available.

Dog Nutrition in Orillia, Ontario

If you head to any pet store or even grocery store, you will find aisles of food options dedicated to your pets. Unfortunately, pet nutrition companies don’t make your options very clear or easy to compare and contrast. With so many brands, categories, price differences, and freshness choices, you might just decide to pick up whatever is on sale and call it a day. But here at Animush Raw Pet Food, we want to offer the best dog nutrition available without a lot of confusion, so we only offer the best in raw food for your pet.

Raw food is starting to really catch on in terms of dog nutrition. It seems that more and more pet owners are recognizing the wild animal inside their domesticated pet and feeding them accordingly with raw food. You’ll quickly notice how your pet wolfs (pun intended!) down their raw food, like they were just waiting for this option to make its way into their food bowl.

With our dog nutrition options at Animush Raw Pet Food, we have a variety of flavors and even specialized formulas for the stage of life that your pet is currently in. Our meats include things like turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, salmon, beaver, rabbit, duck and even kangaroo! With our variety of sizes and discounts available for bulk purchases, our raw dog food is great for not only pet families with a small number of pets, but for kennels and pet day care options as well.

To learn more about the dog nutrition that is available for your Orillia, Ontario pet, take a quick drive and visit our store here at Animush Raw Pet Food today!

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