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Along with natural puppy food, we provide natural dog food options for older pups.

Natural Puppy Food in Orillia, OntarioWhen you start comparing the ingredients in commercial dog food, you may be shocked at your findings. Some of the most popular dog food brands contain worrisome ingredients, including fillers, grains, and protein sources treated with hormones and antibiotics, none of which are very good for your dog. When you want to feed your dog the best, consider a natural diet that incorporates healthy, natural foods. And instead of trying to make your own natural dog food, allow our team at Animush Raw Pet Food to take care of the process for you.

We have created natural dog and puppy food products that contain no harmful ingredients. Instead, the food we provide to our valued customers contains natural protein, vitamin, mineral, and fat sources, all of which are crucial elements to a healthy diet for canines. Feeding your furry family member natural puppy food can help boost their energy levels and prolong their lifespan. Starting your dog on a healthy diet from a young age is the best way to get them into good habits and encourage them to eat natural puppy food that accommodates their physical needs.

Along with natural puppy food, we provide natural dog food options for older pups. You can shop for all-natural food options for dogs in all stages of life and with various nutritional needs, including low-sodium dog food and food prepared with allergen-friendly ingredients. If you’re a pet owner in the Orillia, Ontario area, take a closer look at what you’re feeding your dog and consider a more natural option.

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